Valerie Beales

British author who appears to have only written one book, a pony story set at a younger readership. Although British, the book was reprinted in America where it had more editions than in its native country. There seems to have been some (rather unsuccessful) attempt to Americanise the book for the USA reader.

Other than this, I have no information on the author whatsoever! If you have anything to add please let me know.

Pony Books:

Paperback first edition, not reprinted in the UK.
Reprinted a number of times in the USA in both hardback and paperback by Simon & Schuster.
Also published in Germany.
SUMMARY: Pony story for slightly younger children. Emma longs for a pony of her own and is excited when she is given the spotted pony Freckles. But Freckles proves too hard for her to handle and is sent back to his owner. He is subsequently sold to a new owner who mistreats him. Emma, feeling guilty for the role she played in his downfall, plans to rescue him.

Collectors Info:
Easy to find in both the UK and USA. There was also a German edition.